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Halo Cheats

Some say it's just a first person shooter game, some swear by it as a way of life! Halo, a video game developed by the American company Bungie Studios has received cult status in the gaming circles and has often been described by critics and fans alike as the most influential product of its genre.

So what is Halo? It is a sci-fi based video game that deals with the story of a Master Chief-a technically modified humanoid fighter with super powers. Among his powers is included the now famous super body armor and his side-kick, Cortana , an artificial intelligence being; programmed with feminine characteristics.

The story evolves around the epical battle that a futuristic human race enters against Covenant, an oppressive and villainous alliance forged by alien species from various galaxies.

The term from which the game derives its name is taken from an orbital construction called the Halo Megastructure-, which plays a crucial role in the evolution of the plot.

The popularity of the first version, Halo: Combat Evolved led to the creation of subsequent versions, Halo 2 and Halo 3.

The concept has since spread to other genres such as novels, graphic novels and other video games.

The game was featured in Microsoft's Xbox and was the single most decisive factor behind its popularity leading some experts to call it Xbox's "killer application"

This also played a role in the creation of the eponymous term "Halo Killer" which simply means any gaming application that aims at bettering Halo's popularity both commercially and socially.

The commercial success of the series has been undeniable; with Halo 2 breaking all previous records of sales seen before in electronic media and Halo 3 overtaking its predecessor's margins.

Culturally, the game's influence has been far reaching with a whole new generation of fanatics following its every move; the impact is comparable to the Star Wars franchise of the previous generation.

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