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Halo Cheat Codes For Health

Well, I've figured out how to bridge Halo 2. Please, only use it to kick out modders. Don't abuse it. Don't be a poopface.

Well anyways, this is how you bridge Halo 2.

First, connect your router to your PC, which it should be already.

Next, connect your PC to your Xbox. You need to have two ethernet ports in your computer to connect it. Remember to use a crossover cable(a system link cable) to connect the PC to the Xbox.

If you want to force host, you will want to get ZoneAlarm, which is a security program. If you want to force host, you'll probably need Commview, which is a program that monitors your LAN connections(it gives you their IP address). Make sure to turn all of your internet security settings to low on ZoneAlarm and everything else.

To give host to someone, get their IP address from Commview. Go into a party where they(whoever you want to have host)is the only person and get their IP address. Enter it into Zonealarm's trusted section along with Xbox Live's IP address. Then turn the security settings to high and your trusted zone to medium. This will force host to the trusted IP address(the trusted IP address can be your own).

To boot someone, you must have host and go to ZoneAlarm. Get the IP address of whomever you want to boot from Commview and enter it into the Blocked section of Zonealarm.

Continue to start up your Xbox then unplug your ethernet cable to get to the troubleshooter. Copy down your DNS server codes.

Then, go to My Computer> View Network Connections> Highlight both Connections with the shift key(hold shift and click on both items).

Right click and select bridge connections.

Note: make sure to enter your DNS codes when it is asked for in the troubleshooter.

This will bridge the game and will either lag players out or force host.

Remember, only bridge Halo 2 to get rid of modders. If you bridge against me, I will hXc cyber punch you in the face.

Brendan McCaffery is an avid fan of Halo 2. He runs his own fan site, Halo Insider, which offers free tips, cheats, and strategies.