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Halo 3 Cheat Codes

Marvel Comics and the creator of the original video game franchise, Bungie Studios, released a collaborative effort of various writers and artists, the Halo graphic novel in a joint effort; it proved the first entry of the Halo universe in the sequential art genre. The work is sub-divided into a few short stories, four in number with the famous Halo Universe as a backdrop; besides this a comprehensive collection of artwork was featured, containing works by independent sources and by both the publishers.

The Halo creative team was bolstered in their efforts of expanding the Halo concept by the positive responses it received from foremost graphic artists such as Simon Bisley. After painstaking research and development for a period of two years, material of high quality, composed by leading lights of he field was created.

Bungie undertook the next important step of the process after this, namely the pursuit of a publisher, finally finding a suitable partner in Marvel comics. The stories mainly focused on the undisclosed and enigmatic facets that happen in the Halo universe which were never revealed in the games. They included the functioning of the dreaded Covenant and explanation for most incredulous escapes that happened in the games.

The book received positive responses both commercially and critically. It was lauded for the quality and diversity of material put together by competent professionals that augmented the mystery and aura of the Halo universe.

The different styles and modes of storytelling was a treat for the discernible reader that added to the diversity of the book despite it maintaining a cohesive unity. The vivid imagery in stories such as Breaking Quarantine was highly praised. Some critics and fans were disappointed by the lack of focus applied to the main protagonists of the Halo universe such as Master Chief and Cortana. The success of the book has prompted talks of the creation of a periodical Halo comic's magazine which is set for release.

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