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Gta4 Cheat Codes

Bar codes are a series of vertical bars of different width, in which digits from zero to nine are represented in a dissimilar pattern of bars forming a code that can be read only by a laser scanner. It is representation of machine-readable information on a visual surface. These codes are found on consumer products and are specially used for inventory control.

There are different types of bar codes such as one-dimensional bar codes, which use the width of the bar code to encode just a product or account number. The second type of bar codes includes DataMatrix, MaxiCode, and PDF417, which are scanned horizontally as well as vertically, and contain more data than the first type. These two-dimensional bar codes are used for high-speed sorting and small parts. These bar codes help to identify packages, mails, customer accounts, and similar items. A computer helps in decoding the bar codes by optically scanning the printed pattern. By reading bar codes on products, record information about the item such as its price and quantity sold can be obtained from the database.

The pattern of bar codes has evolved over time. Initially they were only a set of vertical lines. Today, they are available in a pattern of concentric circles, dots, or hidden images. In modern times, the high rate of theft makes it necessary for installing bar codes on almost all products. All objects present in a mass merchandiser a grocery store and department store have bar codes present on them. Bar codes are also used by airlines to track down the passenger's luggage and to reduce the chances of loss and theft. Rental car companies use bar codes on their car bumpers to help them identify and keep track of the vehicle. The bar code on each car is unique, which facilitates easy location of the car in case it gets stolen.

Bar codes have become indispensable in today's world. They are extensively used as a safety measure in all areas of operation.

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