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This article will explain what noise cancelling headphones are, and the benefits associated with using them instead of standard headphones.

In a nutshell, noise cancelling headphones are specially designed headphones with the aim of blocking out external noises to improve the clarity and quality of your listening experience.

Whenever your ears are exposed to a really loud sound, your overall hearing decreases a little. This hearing loss is usually temporary, and you regain your normal hearing after a short period of time. But repeated exposure to high volumes of loud music and sound is likely to reduce your hearing ability for good.

That's why it's generally a bad idea to crank up the volume on your headphones just so you can hear properly. You run the risk of suffering long-term hearing problems. Noise cancelling headphones solve this problem by "cancelling out" external noises so you are able to hear every little detail in your music and sound without having to crank up to full volume. This enables you to listen comfortably at lower volumes, even in loud environments.

Using noise cancelling headphones can really save your hearing in the long term. They are popular for use on transport such as buses, cars, and planes because they eliminate the background noise of engines to allow you to listen in blissful silence. Noise cancelling headphones are also great for an immersive computer gaming experience on your PC or home console.

So if you're looking at purchasing some headphones for your computer, mp3 player, television, or whatever it may be, consider getting some noise cancelling headhpones for a better listening experience.

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