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Games Cheats

Most serious video and computer gamers spend many hours trying to learn the tips, tricks and cheats in order to win their video games. What in essence they are trying to do is manipulate the computer system in order to win or score more points in the videogame.

This is unfortunate because perhaps we are teaching our children our teenagers that cheating is acceptable. Cheating in the real world is not acceptable and therefore we should not teach them how to do it in a make-believe virtual-reality world.

The video games should be in fact penalized for cheating and therefore along the way the teenagers who plays video games will learn that cheating is not good. We have too many teenagers cheating on their tests and research papers in school.

We have too many business people cheating on their taxes and too many corporate executives see their shareholders and the rules and regulations they agreed to live by. We have too many politicians and government workers manipulating and cheating the system for personal gain and we do not need more tips, tricks or sheets to help teenagers win their video games and score more points.

It is said that you cannot regulate morality, because any immoral person will always find a way to cheat no matter how many rules that you make and therefore you have to keep making rules to prevent them from cheating or trying to go around them. But in essence this is the total problem we have the United States of America today in that we keep making rules and regulations that stifle the forward progression of our economy, the average citizen and it is indeed destroying our quality of life and standard of living.

Teaching people or teenagers to cheat at an early age is a bad policy. Video games could be designed in such a way that promotes less cheating, instead of rewarding cheaters. So there you have it. Please consider all this in 2006.

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