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Game Cube Cheats

Video Games Game Cube is another Nintendo creation. Nintendo are undoubtedly the trailblazers of the modern home video game.

Their system, Nintendo Game Cube made its foray into the market just after Playstation 2 and Xbox debuted. Surely two difficult if not impossible acts to follow. Video Games Game Cube held its own because it boasted one of the most advanced systems at the time.

The visionaries at Nintendo also took a calculated risk with Game Cube. They stayed out of the ring with Playstation 2 and Xbox. Game Cube allowed them to duke it out among themselves.

Nintendo basically picked up their marbles and went somewhere else to play. They introduced a family friendly, gaming console. They offered a total-family experience. Incorporating children right through to Grandparents.

Video Games Game Cube boasts a choice of well over 500 games. There is something for everyone. Below are some of their favorites:

• Mario

• Pokémon

• The Legend of Zelda

• Resident Evil

• Medal of Honor

• Metroid Prime

Game Cube uses a mini-size game disc and won’t play DVD’s. Neither does it have online capabilities. Don’t be swayed buy their perceived shortcomings. What Game Cube loses on the corners it picks up on the strait.

Video Games Game Cube links up nicely with two handheld video game systems. The Gameboy Advance and The Gameboy Advance SP.

Nintendo’s new system, Nintendo Revolution will be released in 2006. Here are Nintendo promises for Nintendo Revolution:

• Play DVD movies

• Nintendo GameCube games.

• support four controllers

• built-in Wi-Fi, allows you to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Wireless network

• will have a "virtual console" that allows users to download practically any Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo NES video game ever made.

• thousands of video game titles

• Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong will debut with Nintendo Revolution.

Are we living in a great era or what? Families cannot lose.

In the Video Games Game Cube war, just sit back and enjoy the battles. You’re going to win anyway. Have you got your Nintendo Revolution yet? Don’t delay and be disappointed. Grab your link here Video Games Game Cube