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Free Ps2 Cheats

No childhood is complete without the popstar hero – and SingStar on the PS2 finally gives you the opportunity to emulate your hero and be a popstar. With a range of titles from Rock to Legends and Anthems, there is something here for everyone.

The idea behind SingStar is to take karaoke to the next level. We’ve all seen people in the pub who have become a bit of a local legend due to their rendition of Whitney’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ or Robbie’s ‘Angels’, but SingStar challenges everyone to try something different, with levels of difficulty ranging from ‘easy’ where even the tone deaf score points, to ‘hard’ where you need to be note perfect. A selection of games are also included, such as duets where two players sing alternate parts and the ‘best’ at the end wins, and the straight forward sing off.

Original videos and footage are included along with on-screen lyrics, so if you can manage to sing ‘Come On Eileen’ whilst trying not to laugh at Dexy’s Midnight Runners in their dungarees, and not being struck utterly speechless at how different the actual words are to those you used to sing at family parties, you’ll be doing well.

All the games can be bought with the microphones and adapter or without, though once you’ve got two mics, you can just buy the games from that point onwards. Karaoke may be passé but having played this game, I can attest that it is addictive and I’m not surprised it is turning into the runaway PS2 success of the year. Go on, take the mic – you know you want to!!

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