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Finding Vacation Rentals in Oscoda, Michigan

Oscoda, Michigan, offers a folksier, laid back vacation experience. Here is a primer on the area and highlights of a few vacation rental options in the area.

Finding Vacation Rentals in Oscoda, Michigan

Oscoda, Michigan is a town located on Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes of the United States. Oscoda is quaint and family friendly. It has a long shoreline location with a boundary that extends for miles along the sandy beaches of Lake Huron.

Oscoda vacation rentals are abundant with many different bed and breakfasts, inns and cottages to choose from. Whatever the type of lodging you choose to stay at, you can enjoy the town's picturesque views and interesting downtown with quaint shops and great eating establishments.

If you are looking to stay in a cottage type atmosphere, why not try Anchorage Cottages. This area is also known as the Oscoda-AuSable area, because of the AuSable River nearby. There are seven cottages in all, which can be rented nightly or weekly. All of them are fully furnished. Some of the available amenities and activities include beach sports, spas and general lounging. For the outdoors enthusiast, boating, fishing, hiking and biking on nearby trails are all available.

If you'd rather stay in a more formal vacation rental, Sandcastle Beach has cottages and complete homes available that can suit all tastes. With both nightly and weekly rates, Sandcastle offers cottages ranging in upscale styles and prices. Some cottages include air conditioning, and one even has a Jacuzzi. Sandcastle Beach is located along 195 feet of sugar sand beach, and there are children's areas for your use. You can also have a go at barbecues and a fire pit for group bonfires. All of the cottages come equipped with full furnishings, a cable TV and fully equipped kitchens.

Oscoda, Michigan is a perfect destination for that next family vacation. It has a relaxed, small town feel that will let you leave the rat race far behind.

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