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Dragonball Z Pc Games

Dragonball Legends is a very unique site. It is an online roleplay game for the very succsessful anime series "Dragonball". In this game we encorperate all 3 of the released series and combine them to make a ful gaming experience. We also have created a new storyline to keep the game fresh. New storys and 'sagas' Will be added to stop the game from becoming repetitive. We also have extra things for people to enter such has. "Poll of the day" And also "Signiture of the week".

These extras will help to pass the time during the day and keep you from dying of bordem When you are not roleplaying with us. Starting off you register your account and the admins will do all the rest to start your journey into the world of Dragonball Legends. The first saga for the game has been written and completed and can be read at our website under 'Story'. I am very excited for how this roleplay game can build and expand to keep it fresh, new and also very active.

One of the most unique things about this site is that you dont roleplay with other people. You roleplay with the admins. This will keep the roleplaying between people active and also good in text. The graphics on the forum are very advanced giving a calm look that is easy on peoples eyes. This look may change in the future but only if the members ask for it to be changed. This is one thing that we at Dragonball Legends are very proud of, We listen to each and every members opinions and take them in and listen to what they have to say. This will never change. The only thing that will ever change to this forum is it getting better with newer sagas! Newer members! Newer workers! Newer graphics!

If you wish to register and have a look at the forums then please click the link in my name. Or you could click here

Simply click register and start your journey from there. Also leave me some comments on the site in my email box. All criticisms and advice will be very much appreciated. Thankyou very much for taking your time out to read this.