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Desktop Computers - Get the Right Desktop Computer for Your Needs

Nowadays, almost every home has a desktop computer made up of a keyboard, monitor, a mouse, and the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which contains the RAM, processor, hard drive, motherboard, CD drives, different expansion cards, and a modem. An average desktop computer is enough for performing different kinds of functions for office applications, image editing, gaming, video editing, etc. but there are also desktop computers configured for the needs of a particular user.

Here are three of the most common types of desktop computers for different kinds of users:


These desktop computers are ideal for basic functions in the home and office like typing documents, printing, and Internet surfing. Usually, they have a single processor with 1 or 2 video slots. They also come with a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and additional components like webcams, speakers, microphones, etc.


Gaming desktop computers provide you with high-quality sounds and full-screen displays. The typical gaming desktop has high-end video cards with fast and powerful processors for faster frame rates and maximum video resolutions. They have more peripheral ports for game controllers like joysticks and gamepads, with well-ventilated cases for heavy usage. They can also be easily upgraded.


The workstation desktop is for multitasking, networking, and ideal for heavy office tasks like database and spreadsheet applications. It has a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and optional peripherals like webcams, speakers, and microphones. Most workstation computers either have dual-core or dual processors, several memory sockets, and can easily be upgraded.

Your own desktop

When shopping for a desktop computer, keep in mind your purpose Ė after all, you donít want to be paying for peripherals that you will never use. Also, ensure that it already has several ports for connecting basic accessories like the mouse, keyboard, USB, FireWire, and webcams.

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