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Dell Computer Repairs

You bought a Dell printer? Now you can't find any Dell ink cartridges? You're not alone!

In the big world of HP, Epson, Lexmark and Canon everybody wants to compete. The inkjet market is worth tens of billions of dollars per year and this lure was simply too much for Dell to bear. So they decided to release their own inkjet printer.

To many this seemed like a sensible move. If a company sells computers and computer accessories then why not sell printers too? This ideology makes sense but unfortunately over simplifies the issue at hand - Dell knew nothing about making printers.

So when you don't know how to make something you look for another company to do the work for you. To that end Lexmark were "hired" to manufacture the Dell range of inkjet printers.

Now despite the fact that Lexmark rate right at the top for their own range of inkjet printers this didn't meant that Dell were going to achieve the same level of success.

Selling a family computer package with a printer included alwys seems like a good idea. You can do special offers and ideally gain more customers than you had before.

What happens though once you sell the computer and printer? The printer runs out of ink and the customer needs to replace it. Somebody somewhere never looked at the logistics of this. This in turn led to owners of Dell printers everywhere being left stranded without ink. They couldn't find the Dell OEM cartridges to buy them so guess what? Yep! The otherwise loyal Dell printer customers went out and find compatiable cartridges to do the same job. Dell effectively threw away whatever share of the inkjet market they had hoped for.

The moral of the story is: "Stick to what you're best at". Delll was too small a fish to go swimming with the inkjet sharks and got bitten.

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