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Custom Gaming Computers For Gaming Enthusiasts

When gaming the headphones you use can be quite different than the headphones used for listening to music. Here I'll list some of the features I think you should look out for when buying a new set of headphones to use for playing games :

Comfort - For me, probably the most important thing to look for in gaming headphones is that they are comfortable. The last thing you want to do during an intense gaming session is to have to stop due to uncomfortable headphones. Padding is vital here, but at the same time you donít want them to be too warm. Itís a difficult compromise but, if itís done right, you should be able to wear the Ďphones for hours without discomfort.

Cable length - The length of your headphone cable seems a strange thing to mention but for gaming it really is important. If itís too short youíll be too close to your screen but if itís too long then tangling may become a problem. For me, 2 meters works well but headphones with a number of variable length detachable cables is ideal.

Bass - Although all-round good sound quality is important in gaming, for me itís the bass that really makes the experience. High-quality, powerful bass can immerse you in a game. Thereís nothing like really feeling the bullets fire during a first-person shooter.

Adaptability - If youíre only using the headphones for gaming then this isnít really a consideration. However if, like a lot of people, youíll also be using your headphones for music and watching movies, youíll need a good all-round performer. Some headphones even have separate gaming and non-gaming modes to ensure the best sound in all circumstances.

Ian Strachan loves music and is passionate about getting the best sound quality whenever he listens. Find out all the latest news and information about headphones and earphones at Headphone News.