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Custom Build Computers For Gaming

Well, I've finally completed the first line of computers to build this month. Each PC's internal parts price is listed bellow. You can find the links to each individual computer's components through the url at the bottom.

Low Budget - AMD $193.96 - Intel $206.97 Mid Level - AMD $489.95 - Intel $526.96 Sick Rig - AMD $794.95 - Intel $796.86

As you can see, the Intel line is more money than the AMD line. Some will argue its not worth it, others will argue its definitely worth the extra $20-$40. I've always been an AMD guy myself when it comes to desktop computers. However, I need to say in the past year, the AMD processors really don't have a thing on the Core 2 Duos. I see it this way: go for the AMD if you want the low budget and don't plan on upgrading. Go for the Intel for just about everything else unless you can not in any way afford the extra ~$40 for the mid level.

Like I said, I'm an AMD guy. I can only hope they have something in store soon to beat (or at least compete well in benchmarks) the Intel Core 2 Duo dollar for dollar. The Athlon 64 x2's are great processors and will still get you plenty of what you need, but the Core 2 Duo is still a better value for your money.

To see the parts included in these computers, please visit for details. Every month is a new list of computers you can build for low prices at three budget levels.