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Cons Of Computers Gaming

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's newest gaming console, which will hit the stores by Christmas, making it the most coveted gift on the market this year. The Xbox 360 is the sleekest console in its category and signals the arrival of the next generation of video game machines.

It is Microsoft's aim to captivate gamers worldwide with its Xbox 360. The biggest change from previous designs is that it is no longer black. Instead, the look is softer, cleaner, and very white. The Xbox 360 has a CPU with three IBM PowerPC chips, an ATI 500 MHz graphics processor, 512 Mb of memory, a removable hard drive, three USB ports, two memory card slots, an infrared receiver, and more. The controllers are wireless and matching in color.

There are many Xbox 360 games, including Call of Duty 2, Quake 4, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, The Darkness, Perfect Dark Zero, Gears of War, Saint's Row, and more. Backwards compatibility, that is, compatibility with older games is not a goal for this Xbox, so look forward to new games.

The console can connect to the online gaming service, Xbox Live, which allows gamers to connect with other users at different levels, such as casual, pro, family, and underground. Moreover, the console also turns into a mini-entertainment system, which can be plugged in to portable devices or computers to play music and movies, display photo slideshows. A keyboard can also be plugged in, though for text input only, not for gaming.

Microsoft's Xbox has finally evolved into a strong competitive alternative to all-time gaming legends like Sony and Nintendo.

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