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Computer Repair Workbench

If your at-home carpentry jobs have been taking place in the driveway or on the floor of your garage, you can build you own garage workbench tailored to fit your personal needs, and you donít need to spend a lot of money doing it. A garage workbench will spare you back and knees, and, if you decide to make it a bit more complex, will have drawers and shelves in which you can keep the tools ad materials for your carpentry jobs.

You garage workbench will be more durable if you construct it with wood screws and bolts instead of nails, which tend to work loose after a while, and a wobbly workbench is not a safe carpentry setting. A very basic workbench consists of a wooden plank sized for your needs, and Four evenly-cut two-by-fours which will be its legs. You can cut the legs to whatever length places the surface of the garage workbench at a comfortable height; a thirty-one inch high workbench work well for most people.

Industrial Garage Workbenches

If you want something a little fancier, and donít have the time required to put together a garage workbench with shelving or drawers, you can by a light industrial garage work bench for less than $100. An industrial garage workbench is usually constructed with a steel frame and laminated wood bench top. Different models of this type of garage workbench will have drawers or cabinets, or even a pegboard back on which you can hang your tools.

If you are someone who does a lot of large project carpentry, or works on your carís parts at your garage workbench, you might be better served with a heavier industrial garage workbench, made of heavier steel and with a steel bench top. These workbenches are also available with storage drawers.

Any garage workbench you build or by should be large enough and sturdy enough to support the weight of a vise. Youíll be using your garage workbench as the cornerstone of your workshop, so make sure that it is as durable a workbench as you can afford. And whatever you do, donít be concerned about you garage workbench getting banged up. Dents, scrapes, and scratches are all in a good dayís work when it comes to hour latest DYI project.

You should, after all, be far more interested in the beauty of your finished effort than any scars your garage workbench suffered during its completion!

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