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Computer Repair Tutorial

To install more memory do the following first:

Turn off computer and disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet - Very important (Security) Open Computer Case, Discharge your Static Electricity - And how I do that? Easy touch your computer case with both hands for about 40 sec and you are free to touch the internal circuits.

Let me ask you some questions, Did you check if your computer motherboard has one available bank? Ok great since the computer has an open bank lets proceed to install the memory.

To install the memory open the bank clips and insert the memory, remember do not press to hard the motherboard you can break it and you do not want that. Before attempting to install the memory make you sure the memory is in the correct position look at the bottom of the memory stick and you will see a small division, that division has to fit into the memory bank.

Ok now your computer memory is installed, close your computer and turn it on. After your computer is turned on do the following check:

Go to Start
Control Panel

Under the general tab you will see your computer information, how much memory does your computer operating system reads? Good and congratulations now your computer will run faster than a jaguar.

Sometimes adding more memory will not guaranty computer performance but at least you will have more memory space to load computer programs. If you added more memory and your computer keeps running slow maybe it is time to get a new one.

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