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Computer Repair Toolkit

There are a few techniques depending on your level of computer knowledge and technical know-how. The Windows registry is a sensitive and very important component of the Windows operating system. It stores configuration data for the operating system itself, as well as particular settings for all the programs installed on the computer. Because a clean computer registry is so important to the functioning of any Windows system, any errors can cause the whole computer to crash and sometimes stop running completely.

Fix the Windows Registry Yourself

This is probably the best registry repair technique if you know what you're doing. Computer savvy people can take a look at the files and diagnose certain problems and then repair them. However, you must know what you are doing. If you don't know how the registry works, attempting to make any changes can create even bigger problems. You could even damage it so much that the computer won't run at all and you will be forced to completely re-install the operating system. If you don't know about HKEYS, hives, values, or even where the it is located, it is not recommended that you attempt to conduct a clean up yourself.

Hire a Computer Technician

This could be the best repair technique if you have time and are willing to spend a lot of money. You could hire an independent technician or bring your computer to a place like Best Buy and let them take a look at it, however this can be a time consuming option. Often you will find that places like Best Buy will simply run cleaning software that could buy and run yourself.

Download Registry Repair Software

This is the best registry repair technique for the average computer user. This step is so easy and cost-effective that you'd be silly to look elsewhere before trying this method first. Repair software is relatively inexpensive, and it will perform all the necessary procedures in order to fix registry errors. Today's registry repair software is very efficient and advanced, and eliminates the need to hire expensive technicians. Within minutes of installing this type of software a computer could be running virtually like new. provides registry cleaner reviews and registry repair advice