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Computer Repair Lethbridge

For the last 2 weeks, the IT department has had my laptop at work, and I have had to make use of the spare computer in the corner. We usually have temps work on this computer, so there is no telling how long it has been since anyone had done some real computer maintenance to it. When I logged on to it, I knew I was in for a long day of Windows 98 repair.

The first thing I did was try to update the system from Microsoft. I ended up getting an error saying you could not update Macís on the Windows Update site. I knew the day just got longer. So, I went ahead and started with some basic cleaning. I uninstalled all of the search bars that had been installed, and even that goofy weather bug. There were other things installed that had no place being on the work computer, so they went as well. That cleared up some hard drive space, and reduced clutter.

The next item I did was to run antispyware software on the system. Oh my! There was so much spyware and adware all over this system. I had the program clean off this stuff, and this will also make the computer run faster.

The other thing I knew I could for my Windows 98 repair was a registry scan and repair. There were over 500 errors on this machine. This is one of the best things you can do to any computer every week. Running registry software will help catch many of the potential problems you come across, like locking up, freezing, and the blue screens. You will really minimize the time your computer is crashed if you keep the registry fixed. I let the software fix all of these files, and away we went.

The computer was still slightly slow since it had a reduced amount of memory, and we were running on the network, but I had done everything I could to keep the computer from crashing. I have been on this computer for 2 weeks now, and have been fully productive because I did the Windows 98 repair.

Michael Baker is a Computer Optimization Technician, and recommends getting a Free Computer Scan to fix any problems such as computers freezing, locking up, restarting for no reason, and getting the blue death screen.