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Computer Repair Desoto County

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your computer. Which may leave you feeling a little helpless and/or frustrated right now. What type of repair job is needed to fix your current computer error, if there are so many? Thankfully, while the problems can be diverse, the solution is often remarkably simple -- and even identical. The answer, whatever the computer error you need to repair at this moment, is likely that you need to take a look at your registry files.

Let's do 3 things in this article. First, we'll take a quick look at some common computer errors caused by bad registry files -- that way you can be certain that's where the issue lies for you. Next, we'll take a quick look at what registry files actually are (don't worry, you don't need to be a rocket scientist -- I'll keep it really brief). Finally, we'll cover how to quickly and easily repair your registry files, whatever your level of computer savvy.

OK, first up: some common types of computer error that you can repair by sorting out your registry files:

1. Programs shutting down and/or restarting for no reason. This may well including that irritating little error message asking if you'd like to report this computer error to Microsoft.

2. Programs locking up -- all you can do is press Control + Alt + Delete until the program eventually shuts down. Again, the Microsoft error message appears.

3. Your whole computer locking up or freezing. The only way to get things going again is to shut your computer down altogether (by holding down the power button or even unplugging it) and restart it.

4. The infamous 'blue screen of death' - everything suddenly goes blue and the only thing you see is a computer error code in the top left corner. Again, you have no choice but to reboot (restart).

5. Slowness - at startup, of programs, when typing -- or simply of your computer as a whole.

See an error (or several) that sounded familiar? Then you need to repair your computer registry files. In short, your registry is what tells your computer how to use the various bits of hardware and software installed on it. Over time, these registry files get somewhat disordered, corrupted or even go missing. This especially happens as you install and uninstall things. While you would be right in assuming that going in and trying to repair these files by yourself is not a good idea (it's a very bad idea!), thankfully there is a very common bit of software available that can do the error repair for you.

Which brings us to the solution. Download and run some registry repair software. The registry repair software will quickly identify what's causing the error (or errors -- there are frequently many, which you hadn't even noticed) on your computer, tell you about it, ask your permission to repair it, and with one click of the mouse take care of everything for you.

There are plenty of decent registry repair products out there with which to do computer error repair. Here's one I'd recommend giving a go. It's completely compatible with all versions of Windows, from the older ones to XP and Vista. It's also thorough, easy to use and you can test it out for free.

Jeff Blake is a technical support advisor, whose PC mission in life is to save others the pain, frustration & money that being a computer owner can sometimes cause.