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Computer Repair Advertising

PPC auto repair advertising has become one of the most costly ways to get the word out online. The reason for this is because almost every shop with a website is bidding on the same keywords. Do you really see yourself spending up to $5.50 each time somebody clicks to your page? Most of the facility owners are hard pressed to find an edge in the massively over-saturated online market.

But as luck would have it, there is a way to win... local focus.

Google adwords has a nice little function where a shop owner is able to focus the keywords into a small geographic region. You can specify what states, cities, and metro areas you want to hit. You can also increase/decrease your budget and set parameters around how fast or how slow you want to spend cash.

But the main focus to always keep in mind is that you're not always better off spending money on the major traffic keywords. Another very important point is to not look like every other ad out there. Do a search, analyze the competition, and then do something more creative.

Think about what the customer sees when he hits your site. Does it look like your phonebook ad? If so, you may wish to make some changes. Since you're spending all this money anyway, you may want to construct a website that sets you apart from the competition. Offer useful information and a 'user friendly' reason for consumers to stick around and do business with you.

Always remember: If you become an information resource for your customers, you will blow the doors off the competition.

Drew Turnbaugh is Americas leading authority on communication based auto repair advertising and founder of The International Automotive Network (IanAuto). IanAuto is responsible for helping facility owners reconnect with consumers while growing their business by becoming local information resources.