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Computer Game Cheats

As with most MMO's, many Guild Wars players try to game the system and take advantage of exploits in the game. Not only are there a number of cheats and hacks but there are also a great deal of bots, macros, scripts, and exploits.

Since Guild Wars is a MMORPG getting cheats past the anti-cheat software can be difficult and if you do get caught don't be surprised when you're account is banned. If you are going to cheat in the three campaings and the expansion - Factions, Nightfall, or Eye of the North - you have to make sure you do it right. After all, the best part about cheating is getting away with it. The great part about these games is that they have no monthly fee and are cheap to buy, so getting an account banned is really no worry with this game.

Hacks and secrets in the game are constantly being patched to prevent any exploitation of the game's economy or its players. This is why it's important to get your cheats from a website that can warn you when ArenaNet has started to catch people cheating. Cheaters and developers will always be in a constant game of cat and mouse, so there are always new exploits available to take advantage of.

There are cheats and hacks for the game that can allow you to do virtually anything. Whether unlimited gold is what your after, or free experience or reputation is what you seek, there is a Guild Wars cheat for it. Some people find cheats to be unfair to those playing legitimately, because of the huge amount of benefits they can have. Its important that you don't get caught cheating, so you don't lose your account. So be careful.

There are many different kinds of programs that will help you cheat in Guild Wars. The most popular programs are bots and macros. Bots and macros allow you to perform repetitive tasks in the game without even being at your computer. Using a bot is a great way to collect a lot of gold or to go looking for items. There are many bots already on the market. Recruiter bots, spam bots,and hunting bot are among the most popular bots available. If you play Guild Wars regularly, you probably come in contact with bots all the time and don't even know it.

Guild Wars cheats may just be the thing that can help you advance your player at alarming rates.

Tom Kranz is a an avid player of Eye of the North, the expansion to the award winning Guild Wars. Follow the links for more information on Eye of the North maps and Guild Wars gold.