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Computer Equipment Repair

The need for people who can repair electronic equipment and computers is booming. In our modern society, computers are used in every field of business and practically every home, and qualified technicians are in great demand. For those interested in computer repair training, it is essential to carefully review the prospective vocational or technical school curriculum. Comprehensive computer repair programs will offer professional certification to future computer technicians.

Vocational schools and online computer repair schools offer training programs that are quite diverse in nature, including telecommunication systems, televisions, radar systems, industrial equipment, climate control systems, and medical diagnostic equipment. Students taking computer repair classes (also known as Electronic and Computer Repair) must learn the vital skills needed to install, maintain, and repair office and factory computers, home computers, hospital computer systems, and all other types of computers and PCs.

Aspiring technicians may seek training that results in either certification or an associate degree. A certified computer repair technician may earn between $20,000 and $36,000 per year. Many graduates of computer repair training will choose to spend a few years in an apprenticeship to gain additional knowledge and skills that can help advance a career in computer technology.

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