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Club Penguin Cheats

Penguins have always been an interest to preschool children. The distinctive penguin waddle is a sight to see as well as their characteristic tuxedo type body. Penguins are so popular with preschool children that the "March of the Penguins" movie was a huge success. Therefore, penguin preschool activities are sure to hit a high note with preschool children.

Penguin preschool activities are fun to do in the winter when there is snow on the ground, but can be done anytime of the year. Read on to learn about two penguin preschool activities that are a waddling good time.

Learn About Penguins

The first of the penguin preschool activities is to learn about penguins by reading a penguin story and having the preschool children act as penguins in dramatic play.

You will need the following materials for this penguin preschool activity: the book "Penguin Pete" by Marcus Pfister and pictures of penguin clipped from magazines such as National Geographic.


It may be helpful to find a stuffed animal penguin as well to allow the children to have a closer, hands-on look at penguins.

Begin this penguin preschool activity by having the preschool children sit on the floor ready for story time. Waddle into the story circle. The children may laugh or ask why you are waddling. Have them guess why you are waddling.

Explain that this is how penguins walk. Ask the preschool children what they know about penguins. Where do penguins live? Why do penguins waddle? Read the book "Penguin Pete" to the preschool children allowing them to ask questions during the reading.

Pass pictures of penguins (and the penguin stuffed animal as well if you have one) around to the children and ask them to describe the colors and characteristics of penguins. Finish this activity by having the children waddle around the classroom and pretend they are penguins during dramatic play.

Tracing Animal Shapes

The second of the penguin preschool activities involves tracing animal shapes. The children will create penguin pictures of their own while working on the fine motor skills involved in tracing. You will need the following materials for this penguin preschool activity: tracing paper, pencils, crayons and pictures of penguins to use as tracing guides.

Begin the activity by asking preschool children if they have ever drawn a penguin. What does a penguin look like? Pass out the tracing paper, pencils, crayons, and pictures of penguins.

Demonstrate how to place the tracing paper on the penguin picture and trace along the lines of the penguin body. Show the preschool children how to color the parts of the penguin body that should be black. Allow the children to work on tracing. Have the children name their penguins. Post the penguin pictures around the classroom or on the refrigerator at home.

An optional activity would be to watch the highly popular "March of the Penguins" movie during class time. It may be difficult to keep the attention of the preschool children for very long, so you can watch snippets of the movie from time to time.

You can also pause the movie and discuss various facts about penguins. You could have the "March of the Penguins" as a Friday movie treat and consume popcorn and healthy snacks while watching the movie. The preschool children will love to "go to the movies" in their very home classroom or home.

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