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Chicago Computer Repair

Auto repair service Chicago can be extremely expensive. But what can be more expensive is NOT taking care of your ride. We've seen repair charges between $1850 and $3800 which could have been solved 6 months earlier with a $30 oil change! That's why it's important not only to have a reliable auto repair technician, but also a general idea of what you need to have done. Rather than make it up, we asked some of our top rated shops what they thought of the situation. Here's what they said...

Auto Repair Service Chicago Tip #1: One of the most frequently overlooked ways to keep your auto repair service cheaper is to simply take care of oil changes. "You would be amazed how many people forget to do this" says Bob, owner of SPARKS Complete Car Care in Naperville. "It's an inexpensive way to make sure everything's working. In fact, any good shop should be doing a full visual inspection while changing the oil just to make sure there aren't any problems waiting in the wings."

Auto Repair Service Chicago Tip #2: Skip maintenance to save money? Sure, only if you want to buy a new car every few years. Jim from Warrenville Car Clinic says: "Your regular maintenance is a lot like going to the doctor for a check up. When you walk out of there you can be sure you're in good health. You shouldn't avoid it just to save a few pennies."

Auto Repair Service Chicago Tip #3: Samantha, service writer for Certified Auto in Woodridge, knows all about the hazards of not checking your brakes: "It's safer, and will save money if you get your brakes checked before they start making those noises! If you hear something, that means they may be wearing down something besides the pads. That may cost more money, but worse yet, it could mean you might have some trouble stopping."

Auto Repair Service Chicago Tip #4: "Always make sure your belts and hoses are in solid condition. Making sure they're not cracked or full of holes can avoid some major issues." Says Jim from Mr. Jim's Automotive in Naperville.

Auto Repair Service Chicago Tip #5: "You wouldn't walk around in shoes that have holes in them, would you?" Asks Dan from Tom's Service Center in Wheaton. "Tire rotations are frequently overlooked, but getting one every 4-6 months can almost double the life of your tires."

There you have it, the top 5 stress saving tips right from the people who know the best. Now get out there and study!

Drew Turnbaugh is the founder of The International Automotive Network (IanAuto). IanAuto lets drivers shop local quotes for Auto Repair Service Chicago for free. Give it a try today!