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Sony has released the first trailer of God Of War 2 and it's a doozy. This game looks like it will earn every little line that creates the letter "M" in Mature. The weapons and boss battles look intense and almost give one the impression that the GOW2 team learned a few things from the Shadow of the Colossus game.

Where the original game seemed to be broken up into run here, fight this, run here, fight that segments, GOW2 looks like Kratos won't be able to get much of a breather. Some of the regular enemies look extremely tough and the bosses....fuggedaboutit.

We can tell you one thing: you will believe a griffon can fly. You know, a of those mythological beasts that sports the head of an eagle with the body of a lion and the personality of a used car salesman? Kratos gets to ride atop one as it soars over the land, not to mention having to leap over to another beast in midair, Starsky and Hutch style. We've posted a nice whack of high res screens, so get on over in the media area and have a looksee.

I don't want to give away any spoilers regarding the first God Of War, but I kind of have to, so if you haven't already played GoW to completion, look away!

Sony hasn't exactly been as "hands on" in the software department as competitors Nintendo and Microsoft. Their first party releases for the PS2 have been decidely "meh" if you compare them to the love they showed the first PlayStation system. Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby...I mean, those were some kick butt games! When God Of War showed up last year I honestly wasn't expecting much, but after playing the game for 5 minutes, like most of you I was blown away by it all.

Recently Lindsay our Game News Editor reported that GoW2 was in development and I have to admit that I was shocked by the news that the sequel would be appearing on the PS2 and not Sony's next generation monster. That's definitely great news considering fans of the first game won't have to part with hundreds of dollars just to play a visually enhanced sequel

While we don't know too many details of Kratos' next adventure, we can tell you that the mortal warrior who brought down Ares the God of War in the first game (there was that spoiler I was talking about) now sits upon the throne on Mount Olympus, but his adventure is far from over. Now Kratos must journey to the far corners of the Earth in an attempt to end his torment in an epic battle between Gods, monsters and mortals. Of course, it will all be up to you and lame'o gaming skills, so better brush up. You wouldn't want to disappoint a dude like Kratos; he doesn't look like he'd be as understanding as your boss at the local Arby's.

We expect to have lots of time with Kratos next month at E3, so stay tuned for more cool info!

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