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Cheat For Pokemon

The reason why men cheat is very different from the reason why women cheat. It can be the result of genetics, self esteem, competition or lack of interest in the relationship they have with their current partner. Well, all these reasons cannot be called 100% correct or credible. But, they can give a very clear cut idea about it.

Some guys are very susceptible as they have a very high level of testosterone in their bodies. Hence, they have greater level of sexual desire.

However, a lot of men have a very high level of sexual desire but nobody can claim that it is the only reason for being unfaithful with their spouse. This reason sounds weird but it becomes a reason worth noticing at times.

Another reason is that men cheat due to the sense of challenge in them. Men like challenges. So, they feel it challenging to attract other women also and just to satisfy their ego, they become unfaithful to their partner. Getting girls everyday is like a matter of prestige for some men. They take it like a challenge and do it to fan their ego.

Sometimes, it is just the wish to have sex with many women that drives them crazy and compel them to become unfaithful.

Men, sometimes, cheat because people around them have a tendency to cheat and they learn it from these people. These people are their friends who go around with many women and feel that they are smart enough to attract women! These friends force them to compete and prove their worth.

However, there are no fixed rules for it but understanding the problem helps us a lot to solve it.

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