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Cheat Codes Vault

If you have been active in the Internet Marketing world, perhaps you have come across a money-making product called: Instant Money Vault.

What is Instant Money Vault? Is it a Scam?

In short, Instant Money Vault is a turn-key money-making system for the beginners. If you are an experienced internet marketer, perhaps this product will not be very useful for you.

When you purchase Instant Money Vault, you will get a 111-page ebook and audio book. These are the guide that will teach you all the basics of internet marketing. If you are new, you should read the whole ebook and listen to the audio to lay a solid foundation for yourself.

Besides the guide, you are given a standard website for free. This standard website is preloaded with 3 products for you to sell. You can activate your free website immediately after purchase. After few minutes, you will receive an email with your free website link.

Of course, you canít change anything in your standard website. If you want to be able to modify your website, you need to upgrade to a ďPro PlanĒ.

But here you need to pay for a web hosting (which is about $10 per month). You will have more Instant Money Vault products to sell if you upgrade to this Pro Plan.

If you are a total beginner, my advice for you is to start with the free website first. Study the guide and start taking actions to promote your site. If you have positive results then you can consider to upgrade to Pro Plan where you will have more control for your site.

Donít expect instant results. You need to be patient and take consistent action one step at the time. Refer to the guide often and check the forum if you have something you want to clarify. Instant Money Vault costs $39.95. It's a great package for the beginners to get their feet wet and have a taste of how money is actually made online.

Find out more information here and download a FREE money-making ebook.

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