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Cheat Codes For Xbox

Have you been wondering what all comes with an Xbox System?

If you have reached the right spot. In this article I will detail everything that comes with your standard xbox system.

Of course down the line if you chose to get fancy you can modify your xbox but for right now lets keep to the basics.

First letís take a look at the Xbox.

If you havenít seen what the Xbox looks like you can head over to and type in the term "Xbox" or you could simply visit the website.

As you can see its kinda bulky compared to the other consoles that are out now but hey I tell you what. I'll take an xbox system over these other consoles anyday.

Now lets look at all come comes with your Xbox System and what their role is. Oh yeah sometimes in my writing I take the long and boring stuff and make it short and sweet. I rather not waste your time and drag things out. Lets begin.

AV Cords - This cord will allow you to view and hear your xbox.

Power Cords - Pretty easy...without this your xbox will have no "juice" or power if you prefer. No Power = No Gaming

Standard Controller - I really didnít care too much for this controller but there are different xbox controller you can find out there that you may like. There is a downside to this standard xbox system package. You will have to buy another controller if you plan on playing a muti-player game.

On the plus side there no need to purchase a memory card (unless you like taking your saves over a buddies house)

There you have it the basic setup.

Desmond Owens is a successful Webmaster and publisher. For more information on the Xbox system visit