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Cheat Codes For Rachet And Clank

With its coming fifth anniversary since its initial release on the PS2, Ratchet & Clank has had a pretty memorable history with its fans. The pair of Ratchet (a strange animal creature called a Lombax) and Clank (his dependable sidekick robot) has experienced immense success for Sony on every platform it has been on, save only for its fourth release on 2005 where fans were disappointed because they felt Insomniac Games (the developers) dwelt too much on the game's winning formula. With a more diverse gameplay, it's not surprising that fans' expectations for its introduction on the PS3 has been building up.

Once again returning to the approach used in former versions of the game, Ratchet & Clank is out to conquer the PS3 with a bang, beyond anything fans of the series has seen before. The plotline for this game is something that would please true fans of the game as it will trace them back to the origins of Ratchet. The plotline for this game will be something that fans should be looking out for. In Ratchet & Clank Future, the origins of Ratchet will be revealed as well as how he's ended up to be the sole survivor of his race. His reliable robot companion, Clank, will be there to assist him until he attain his objectives and until he finds the answer for his quest. You can expect to be treated to some crazy antics of these two as they've always been known for in the past.

To give the game not only a new look, but also modified gameplay, Insomniac has decided to give the game engine a complete reconstruction. This is very evident with the developers' utilization of the new Sixaxis controller. Although the said controller has the facility for touch-sensitive feature, the developers wanted to go beyond this and exploit every angle they can. This time around, aside from the standard analogue stick and button combinations, you have numerous ways of using the controller. It's a minor transformation, but you'd be surprised at what it can do for the game.

For this game, you'll also get access to a whole supply of weapons to help get Ratchet's mission objectives done. The guns are probably one of the most loved parts of the entire series, hence the developers have recognized the need to enhance its features and make gameplay even more exciting. Some guns can work as great as shooting an enemy and turning them into penguins. These new alterations have just helped make the game even more playable and fun.

One thing that most fans are anticipating with Ratchet & Clank's offering for the PS3 is its graphical quality. With much polished and precise animation, it is not surprising considering they have doubled the amount of animation for this game than the previous PS3 game by Insomniac on the PS3. The graphics and animation are so fluid and precise. We are yet to find out if the game has reached film standard in terms of the quality of graphics, but that we have yet to find out. Also, there's been rumors spreading around that this isn't really an entirely new game but an refurnished version of the PS2 game. We'll get to see that once it's officially released. Pretty promising, huh?

One thing that should be owed for Ratchet & Clank's success is its sticking to the formula that has endeared many of its fans. The stamp that the series has created, coupled with a few wonderful new tricks added to its arsenal, fans have more reasons to love this game.

Samual writes about Ratchet & Clank on the Sony PlayStation3 for the website APi. Ratchet & Clank PlayStation3 Cheats are online too.