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Cheat Codes For Ps2

The most common error - and error that clearly shows that there is an issue with your ps2 lens, is the disc read error. What this means is that when you insert a game disc into your console, and close the tray, when trying to load that game, you'll have a disc read error. It will show up on your screen by telling you that this disc can not be read by your console.

Less noticeable indications that your ps2 lens is no longer working as it should can be diagnosed by skipping while playing your game. Mainly when watching into screen movies, or cut scenes between levels. When you notice that there is a jerky / jittery, even full blow skipping on your screen, and you're sure that your disc does not have any major scratches that would cause this, then it's probably an indication that your ps2 lens needs to be replaced or repaired.

A very good way to determine if the issues you are having are with your game or the ps2 lens itself, is to load that very same game into your friends PS2 console, and see if the exact same problems occur with the game in another Playstation 2 as well. If the game loads as it should, and the skipping is not there - or in the case of a full disc read error where your game simply will not load up, but loads just fine in another Playstation 2 console, then it is definitely an indication of your PS2 Lens not working properly at all.

The only sure fire way to fix the slim ps2 lens problem is to purchase, and install, a new slim ps2 lens. While I wish that there were other solutions, there simply are not. If you caught it in time, and applied the lens fix spoken about earlier in this article, then you could avoid having to purchase a new lens. However, with replacement lens prices for the slim ps2 as low as $35.00, it's certainly not an expensive repair, and certainly much cheaper than going out and buying a new slim PS2 console.

While some games simply skip, due mainly to scratches on the surface of the DVD disc (game disc) or dirt and finger prints, once cleaned, these games should boot and load just fine.

Although you may think you have to spend $80.00 to get your Playstation 2 repaired. The most common problem with any Playstation 2 console is the dreaded DISC READ ERROR. By purchasing and installation a replacement PS2 Lens you're able to quickly and easily solve this problem and start playing your games once again. Find out more about the PS2 Replacement Lens at