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Cheat Codes And Hints For Playstation

The Sony PlayStation 3 became available in the U.S. from November 2006. However, long before this game console hit the market, avid fans were already registering and pre-ordering so that when the product was available, they would have one of the game consoles.

There is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 has many added features and benefits when compared to the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2. However, the most interesting feature in the new game console is its unique style and design; and to top it up, this wonderful console comes with its own accessories so that games have an enhanced experience of gaming and in addition, they can take advantage of internet and networking features which other game consoles cannot boast of.

Sony PS 3 allows users to play games, listen to music and even use it with a PSP system. In addition, when you get tired of gaming, you can use it to watch movies, videos, photographs and even connect with friends.

It has wireless internet connection, so you can connect with friends and other gamers even when you are on the move. Connecting with friends using a PlayStation 3 is as simple as getting a PlayStation Network Account. Once your account is created, you can have voice and video chat sessions with friends, opt for instant messaging as well as play games with other gamers on the internet. The fact that the console is made for portability just adds to its overall attractiveness.

In present days, Sony PlayStation 3 is in direct competition with the Nintendo Wii and both companies are frantically trying to claim that they have the best features and benefits for gamers. No doubt both are good products; however which is better is still debatable. The PS 3 console is efficiently designed, portable and offers a variety of online and game features and this could explain why it has a slight edge over the Nintendo Wii.

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