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Buildabearville Cheat Codes

To say that you will never cheat on a weight loss program is absolutely crazy! Cheating is something that happens to all of us. I can admit that I've had my share of cheat meals and managed to get away with them. However, when is the line drawn between an occasional cheat meal and daily cheats?

In my experience, I find that cheating once a week is a much better choice than trying not to cheat ever. When I tried to never cheat I always ended up cheating. And when I did have that cheat meal it usually ended up continuing to another meal and another meal. It would be very hard for me to get back on track. When I would get back on track it would take a few days of extreme temptations since I had experienced various "forbidden foods".

Planning a cheat meal once a week seems to work the best. Having a cheat a week is somewhat of a motivation tactic as well. And when the meal is done you know that there's another meal next week. Having a desire to cheat every single day is a good thing. Having this desire can be a signal that you are not eating right. If you eat healthy you should eventually not have cravings and be satisfied and satiated. Wanting to eat unhealthy foods is more of a psychological issue. I have found that when I am the most vulnerable to cheat it is usually because I had been snacking for the past few days on unhealthy foods.

There is a particular time I can remember when this happened. I was following a raw vegan diet (intense, I know...) that consisted of fruits, vegetables (no potatoes), and a small amount of nuts. I had adjusted to the diet perfectly fine and decided to buy some dried fruits. I had a few pieces here and there. Then I went back to the grocery store and purchased some more dried fruits. And before I knew it all I was eating was dried fruit.

Realizing I had sidetracked from the raw vegan diet I concluded that I might as well finish the day off with a hamburger and fries. Next day comes along and I figure I can start the diet the next day. This dragged on until I finally realized what happened and went back to eating healthy.

So, having a cheat meal once a week is fine. And don't snack on unhealthy foods as this small step will lead you up the stairway to McDonalds.

Alphonso Sanchez