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Best Cheat Codes

Ever wonder how your friends got such a cool MySpace page and yours is dull and drab? Why did your friends find a way to have blinking graphics with an awesome background and didn’t tell you how they did it? Are they keeping all of the good info to themselves? Don’t be mad at your friends any longer, for you’ve found yourself a cheat sheet to getting the absolute coolest MySpace layouts.

First things first, if you don’t have a masters degree in IT or computer science, no worries. If you can read this, you can set your page up, with the right tools of course. If you’ve never used the “right click” on your mouse, familiarize yourself with it, as well as the “cut and paste” feature within. Practice a bit on a word document. All you need to do is hold down the left click from bottom to top, right to left (basically the opposite direction from how you type) to “highlight” words or the area that you wish to work with, right click your mouse with the arrow on the highlighted area, and then left click on copy. Now the information you wish to transfer is now “held” and ready to paste. Now when you “right click” your mouse, the word “paste” will appear. Left click on “paste” and your information will reappear. This practice is all that you’ll need to get an awesome MySpace layout with the right source.

Now you’ll need to figure out what you want to do on your page. Do you want a layout that someone created for you, or do you want to make your own by piecing together the details yourself? In any case, all you need now is a MySpace editor to generate the correct codes for you to copy and paste into the “about me” section of your MySpace page. It might even be in your best interest to go to your profile home page to familiarize yourself a bit before you go out in search of your ideal layout, just to save yourself some time and aggravation when the time comes to set up your super-cool page. It’s the exact same area that you type in “Hi! I’m Sue!” and whatnot. Simply copy and paste the generated codes there.

As for the details, it’s all a “follow the dots’ sort of mentality. I do recommend a complete layout for those who are not-so computer savvy to start. As you gain more knowledge of the workings of MySpace editors, you can create your own custom page, maybe with some intense graphics from a trustworthy MySpace graphics site.

Susan Cox recommends MyWackoSpace if you need MySpace layouts.