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Backing Up Pc Games

Remember how difficult it once was to copy disc-based videogames? There was a time when multiple software titles had to be used, special DVD burners had to be installed, and hours were spent - just to copy one game title. In the past few months, that has all changed with the introduction of special software to make backing up discs, especially those for the hot, new Nintendo Wii, a breeze!

Several months ago, an early version of Game Copy Pro was released. The program was designed to be a one stop shop for users to duplicate any game disc, for any system. The initial release worked on Gamecube, PS2, PS3, Playstation, Gamecube, and Dreamcast titles. In November, Version 2.73 of the program was released, now allowing users to backup Wii titles as well.

So why would you want this software? After all, video game piracy is illegal in most parts of the world. The answer is simple. As technology in video game systems and the programming time required for their games has increased, so has the cost of those games. The delicate surface of the media discs most games are contained on is susceptible to scratches, knicks, and other forms of wear and tear. These mishaps can prove costly, often setting gamers back $70 or more a pop. By copying (also known as backing up) a game you legally own, you can use that game for regular play, thus minimizing the chance of your original becoming damaged.

It is important to note, that Game Copy Pro is not intended for the illegal piracy of copyrighted material. It is important to ensure that you are only replicating discs that you legally own.

James Topz has written for numerous local and national technology and gaming publications. He is currently the Blogmaster of The Copy Wii Games Guide.