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Are You Looking For Playstation 2 Accessories

Even though the newest version of PlayStation is now out on the market, many people still use PlayStation 2. My brother is one of these people, and has recently begun asking me to look at PlayStation 2 accessories online. He has been looking for a cable to extend the length between his game unit and his controller. Apparently, these are very hard to find, as I have yet to find what he is looking for anywhere other than on eBay. He does not want to buy from eBay, so I guess I will have to keep looking.

What I was doing my Christmas shopping, I went on a hunt for PlayStation 2 accessories to see if I could give him the cord as a gift. I went in to no less than ten different stores that sell PlayStation 2 accessories and no one seemed to know what I was talking about. A few stores seem to have an idea as to what I wanted, but none of them had any in stock. I know how hard the new PlayStation is to get, so this is why I am baffled about why it is so hard to find this particular cord. I would think there would still be people who would want one.

After my fruitless search for PlayStation 2 accessories, I decided that I would go home and look online again. I searched for at least a half an hour, and could not find what I was looking for. Perhaps there is a proper name for this accessory and I have no idea what it. It seems that even though other PlayStation 2 accessories are easy to find, no one in the universe has this cord. I know heís going to call me soon to ask me to order it, and I have no idea where Iím going to get.

Some of the stores told me to come back after the holidays. They said that sometimes their PlayStation 2 accessories sell out before Christmas, and they donít get a new shipment until the middle of January. Even though I really want to find this cord for my brother, I donít want to waste another day searching fruitlessly for PlayStation 2 accessories. Perhaps I am just going to have to take some time to call around to see if anyone has them yet. If they donít, I guess my brother is on his own.

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