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If you work as a human resource director or you do the hiring for your company then obviously you have seen bogus resumés with bogus information on them. Sometimes you can spot them a mile away and other times you can't. It seems like the very best liars have the most professional looking résumés.

Unfortunately so do the best applicants and sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. Of course meeting the individual and asking them questions point-blank you can obviously get a good idea from the body language what type of person they are.

Nevertheless there are so many resumé cheats with so much bogus information on their resumés including but not limited to fake degrees; that it is amazing that we cannot do something about this. Employers are indeed held liable for any misrepresentation to employees, abuses in the hiring process or any number of employment laws, where as employees who lie on resumés get away with murder and the very worst that might happen to them is they are not hired.

If someone lies on an application or resume for employment this should be the same is if they lie on an application for a bank loan, because it is fraud. We have a severe double standard here and of course there are many lawyers willing to sue employers for employment law and of course they would never take a case against an employee because these employees who are looking for a job have no money and therefore there is no gain for the lawyer. It is an unfortunate world when employees cheat on their resumés. Please consider this in 2006.

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