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Acer Gaming Computers

This isn't your traditional Acer laptop review. Although there are many guides on the internet to buying computers, and furthermore, many acer laptop review guides, this guide will simple give you ten easy, concise points to follow in buying an acer laptop.

Whilst this may sound like an Acer laptop review, we will not be talking about specific Acer laptops such as the Acer aspire laptop, or the Acer Ferrari laptop, which are two of the more popular models. As to not sound like an Acer laptop review I will look at the company in general and give you some points to consider if you want to buy an Acer laptop.

Firstly, stick to your budget. In every Acer laptop review I have ever read there is a mention of the value for money and the great deals you can get when you buy an Acer laptop. This is certainly true, however, with that you also have to remember that you have a budget, and no matter how many features and how great value the laptops are, it is no reason to throw your budget out the window.

This leads on to the next point. You shouldnít buy a laptop that doesnít suit your needs. If you have read any Acer laptop review they will push you to buy the biggest and greatest laptop around no matter how many of the features you arenít going to use. Think of what you need and stick to it.

The most important things to consider are screen size, weight, battery life, and processor speed/system performance. The computer you need will vary greatly depending on what you need it for, for example a predominantly gaming Acer laptop will require a bigger screen and greater processor and memory requirements and definitely a video card. Whilst if you want something ultra portable, your requirements will be much different from that of the gaming system.

Timelessly I have seem people dispense with what they actually need after reading an Acer laptop review, and going out to buy something vastly inappropriate for their needs.

Another tip is to get an extended warranty. I cannot stress this enough. It is not to say that Acer laptops are not as reliable as other brands such as Sony or Toshiba, more importantly, it is the fact that laptops usually result in expensive repairs and work cannot be carried out by just anyone. Although many Acer laptop reviews may mention this, it is something you should keep in mind as a good investment.

Finally, donít be tricked into buying extras you donít need. Acer is fairly good with the whole ordering process and doesnít try to sell you unwanted additions and software that you wonít use. But coming from an unbiased point of view, an Acer laptop review cannot be complete without knowing what you are purchasing, what you need and what you will not. Keep in mind this when buying any laptop system.

Jane has written for many tech blogs for the last 5 years, writing about computers, technology and reviewing a range of IT and tech products. She has a love of computers and runs a blog on laptop reviews: Laptop Buyer