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Do you want to increase sales? Of course you do! Have you tried everything from direct mail, paid media to even promotional items? And, yet your sales are still less than spectacular? It may even seem that your marketing mix is dying on the vine.

Then maybe it is time to do a little reading about a gentlemen from the mid-20th century by the name of Elmer Wheeler. In the immediate years from WW-II, Elmer Wheeler was recognized as one of the best salesmen because of his Wheeler Institute of Words.

Mr. Wheeler believed in measuring marketing actions to increasing sales results. In one experiment, he tested 5,000 sales interactions where the waitresses would only say "Large one?" when asking about the drink size instead of offering a choice between "Large or small drinks?" What is interesting to note that in 70% of the responses to the one choice, the answer was Yes.

Just imagine if your could increase your sales 70% by offering just one option instead of two? What Mr. Wheeler understood is that increasing sales is all about asking while limiting the options.

His approach makes perfect sense given that the brain needs more time to process when two options are presented. When compound questions are asked, this delays the response time and confuses the person responding.

Mr. Wheeler was also noted for some famous quotes that many in sales use, but far fewer can attribute to the selling genius of this individual. One of my favorites is "Your first ten words are more important than your next 10,000."

So you must energy those first 10 words for the greatest impact to turn your potential toward you and away from your competitor. Look for words that jazz or add spice to your introduction, your infomercials or as Mr. Wheeler was quoted as saying: "Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle."

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Loyal customers are the strategic advantage to increase sales.